Welcome… and… oops?

It’s been a while hasn’t it since I’ve updated this site, truth is back in 2021 I was more focused on making the Youtube content then updating the site, didn’t really have too much to say and it kinda fell by the wayside. 2022 happened, and I didn’t quite make as much on Youtube either as I expected but I did end up getting into streaming, as well as finally sorting out all of my retro systems to be playable.

So that leads us to this post, I’m hoping to start keeping this site up to date again. I’m not going to promise weekly or regular posts, but I am going to try to post whenever I can and just on a range of subjects. Be it my thoughts on a game I’ve just streamed, a list of my fav retro titles, a few pictures of something I’ve picked up or whatever else is in my head.

I’d also like to use it as a means to track and do some interesting stuff with my retro collection. Not every game I have is going to be streamed or have a video made about it, but I’d certainly like to post thoughts about stuff I play.

So keep an eye on the site, and my social media and get involved. Hope to see you all in the future 🙂


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